Modern depiction of a Zombie from the hit TV show The Walking Dead

Well where do i start? A zombie is an animated corpse that has been ressurected by mystical means such as; witchcraft. the word zombie is often applied to describe a hypnotised person Inperson bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to surrounding stimuli. In modern times, the term "zombie" has been applied to an undead being in horror fiction, largely drawn from George A. Romero's 1968 film Night of the living dead. They have appeared as plot devices in various books, films, television shows, and video games.


In the West according to the tenets of Vodou, a dead person can be revived by a bokor, or sorcerer. Zombies remain under the control of the bokor since they have no will of their own. "Zombi" is also another name of the Vodou snake Iwa Damballah Wedo, of Niger-Congo origin; it is akin to the Kikongo word nzambi, which means "god".

In the South the idea of zombies is present in some South African cultures. In some communities it is believed that a dead person can be turned into a zombie by a small child. It is said that the spell can be broken by a powerful enough sangoma (traditional healer of south africa).

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